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Vaschetta18x18 amb

Plate SignorBIO 18x18

New square plate made of sugarcane fiber: the meeting of sustainability and resistance
11 May, 2023
Vaschetta patatine

SignorBIO presents the chips tray for an eco-sustainable fast food

Convenient and handy, the new SignorBIO chip tray is the best solution for serving chips in an environmentally friendly way.
22 Mar, 2023
Vaschetta18x18 amb

18x18 bagasse bowls, more durable and ready to use

The new trays specially designed for food preservation, ideal for mass catering.
27 Feb, 2023
News 3 config

The online configurator is now available!

Do you want to take advantage of a direct import? Try our container configurator!
25 Oct, 2021
News 1 online

The SignorBIO website is now online!

Finally here we are! The SignorBIO website is online.
15 Oct, 2021
SignorBIO - Green world