Sales terms and condition


The minimum quantity that can be ordered in bulk is a full 20 or 40 foot container. Considering the size of the EPAL 80x120 pallet, it is therefore possible to order 22 or 48 pallets respectively.

The container can be assorted with any type of reference, with a minimum order of one pallet for each reference: it is not possible to supply pallets containing mixed references.

Filling the container is a mandatory condition.


The following tolerances are accepted: a) +/- 10% of the order; b) +/- 5% on weights, measures and weights.


The order proposals received by SignorBIO are considered accepted if confirmed by it in writing.


a) It is explicitly agreed between the parties that the sale price is that indicated in the order confirmation issued by SignorBIO.

b) Payments must be made within the terms established as indicated in the order confirmations.

c) Any late payment will be charged with interest at the official discount rate plus 4%. d) Any disputes do not give the right to suspend payments.

e) The non-fulfillment of the payment conditions by the purchaser gives SignorBIO the right to suspend the supplies in progress or request advance payment for them.


The delivery terms are intended as indicative. Therefore any delays in deliveries will not entitle the customer to request any compensation for penalties or damages. SignorBIO reserves the right to proceed with partial shipments and to issue corresponding invoices with the envisaged payment terms.


SignorBIO has the right to retention of title on the goods supplied until full payment for the supply has been made.


Orders are understood to be taken unless impeded due to force majeure. The following are considered as such in particular: strikes, lockouts, war events, fires, floods, earthquakes, power cuts from any dependent cause, railway, ship or road interruptions and any other circumstances beyond the seller's control.


Lacks or irregularities in the goods that can be ascertained from the documents must be contested in writing within 5 working days of receipt of the goods.

Any other shortcomings or irregularities not immediately detectable must be contested in writing as soon as they are detected, but no later than 12 months from the issue of the sales documents. Furthermore, the customer undertakes to keep the non-compliant product and make it available to SignorBIO.

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