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SignorBIO will be present at PLMA Amsterdam 2024

On May 28th and 29th, join us to discover how we're leading sustainable innovation
15 May, 2024

SignorBIO at Venditalia 2024

Make the vending world more sustainable with us at SignorBIO!
15 May, 2024
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At the Heart of Traceability: SignorBIO's Path of Assurance

SignorBIO redefines traceability standards in the eco-friendly tableware sector. With an advanced system, each product is tracked from production to delivery, ensuring complete transparency and safety. This article delves into how SignorBIO surpasses regulations, making traceability a commitment to innovation, quality, and consumer trust.
26 Mar, 2024
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Innovation and Sustainability in Fourth Range Cutlery: The SignorBIO Revolution

Explore how SignorBIO is redefining the fourth range sector with its sustainable wooden cutlery, designed to meet the modern consumer's need for convenience and health. Our article highlights SignorBIO's commitment to eco-friendly solutions, showcasing our range of FSC-certified and beeswax-coated cutlery, perfect for a variety of ready-to-eat foods.
06 Feb, 2024
SBIO copertina fb MARCA 1

SignorBIO participates at Marca by Bologna Fiere 2024

On January 16 and 17, come and explore the sustainable future.
10 Jan, 2024
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A Touch of Sustainability in Your Everyday: The Ecological Bowls of SignorBIO

In the era of ecological awareness, SignorBIO offers a range of cardboard bowls that combine aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability. These containers represent an ideal solution for those seeking a quality ecological alternative.
06 Jan, 2024
Signor BIO HOST invito

Host Milano 2023: A World of Opportunities for the HoReCa, Food Service, and Vending Sectors

SignorBIO exhibits at Host Milano 2023
04 Oct, 2023
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SignorBIO Achieves Prestigious FSC® Certification

SignorBIO Achieves Prestigious FSC® Certification for Its Cardboard and Wooden Disposable Tableware, Promoting Responsible Forest Management
17 May, 2023
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Plate SignorBIO 18x18

New square plate made of sugarcane fiber: the meeting of sustainability and resistance
11 May, 2023
Signor BIO Invito PLMA

SignorBIO is exhibiting at PLMA 2023

We will attend to the "World of Private Label" trade show in Amsterdam on May 23rd and 24th, 2023.
03 May, 2023
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SignorBIO presents the chips tray for an eco-sustainable fast food

Convenient and handy, the new SignorBIO chip tray is the best solution for serving chips in an environmentally friendly way.
22 Mar, 2023
Signor BIO ristorando marzo2023 copertina

Ristorando: "SignorBIO - the new trays for mass catering"

About us on Ristorando.
20 Mar, 2023
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18x18 bagasse bowls, more durable and ready to use

The new trays specially designed for food preservation, ideal for mass catering.
27 Feb, 2023
Signor BIO Invito MARCA2023 LOW

SignorBIO @MARCA by BolognaFiere 2023

Thank you for visiting us at MARCA by BolognaFiere 2023!
10 Feb, 2023
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Ristorando: "Want to go green? Take a seat at the table with SignorBIO."

They talk about us
13 Dec, 2022

SignorBIO to PLMA's "World of Private Label" 31 May - 1 June 2022

We will be present at the World of Private Label fair in Amsterdam on 31 May - 1 June 2022 to show and touch the entire range of our biodegradable products in the absolute green capital of Europe.
09 May, 2022
Stand fiera MARCA

The MARCA fair and the show cooking with chef Andrea Mainardi

We are pleased to share with you the wonderful experience and the success obtained at the MARCA fair in Bologna with our stand and the show cooking of the renowned chef Andrea Mainardi
15 Apr, 2022
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SignorBIO at the MARCA fair in BolognaFiere on 12-13 April 2022

We will be present at the MARCA fair in Bologna on 12-13 April 2022 to show and let you touch the entire range of our biodegradable products.
01 Apr, 2022

Disposable compostable tableware: why choose them if you are a catering

Disposable wooden tableware is an excellent solution for catering, let's see in detail why
06 Jan, 2022
La bioplastica e davvero ecologica

Bioplastic: is it really ecological? What materials to prefer?

Although bioplastic seems to be a valid alternative to traditional plastic, let's find out why it is not entirely ecological and which completely sustainable materials to prefer.
07 Dec, 2021
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The online configurator is now available!

Do you want to take advantage of a direct import? Try our container configurator!
25 Oct, 2021
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The SignorBIO website is now online!

Finally here we are! The SignorBIO website is online.
15 Oct, 2021
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