18x18 bagasse bowls, more durable and ready to use

Vaschetta18x18 amb

SignorBIO's new 18x18 bagasse bowls are specially designed for food storage, not just for serving. They are therefore an ideal choice for both home and community catering, as they offer numerous advantages.

Durable, versatile, practical and environmentally friendly, the 18x18 trays ensure optimal food preservation, efficient food service management and allow easy and safe transportation of food.

More durable, ready to use.

Ideal for storing, transporting, freezing and reheating food, they provide other service benefits such as:

- keeping food at 60°C for 3 hours;

- storing food in the refrigerator at 4°C;

- freezing and storing food at -18°C for 10 days;

- heating food in the oven at 180°C/20min or in the microwave at 800W/4min.

They are available in three versions - 500ml, 650ml and 630ml in two compartments - and come with bagasse and PP lids, compatible with all 18x18cm bowls on the market. They are also heat sealable, suitable for all molds and edge optimized for heat sealing, so they are perfect for keeping food hot and tasty from preparation to serving.

SignorBIO vaschette18x18 comp SignorBIO vaschette18x18 BBS002 BIO SignorBIO vaschette18x18 BBS001 BIO

Reinforced walls make them sturdy and shockproof, so they are stackable and resistant to the stresses of transport. When transported in isothermal containers, they do not deform, allowing food to arrive intact at its destination.

Finally, they are biodegradable and compostable, so they are environmentally friendly, thus totally and truly environmentally sustainable.

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