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SignorBIO - Green alternative to disposable

SignorBIO was born from the need to expand the concept of eco-sustainability during daily habits. Our mission is to offer a 100% green alternative to disposable with different types of products and high quality standards.

We are able to manage all logistical aspects in a competitive way, always guaranteeing fast and punctual deliveries throughout the territory.

We are dedicated to finding new solutions to offer an always innovative service. The evolution of biodegradable polymers and working techniques are aspects to be constantly studied in order to always keep up with innovation. Governments, through constantly improving regulations, impose increasingly stringent criteria in order to define an eco-sustainable product and SignorBIO uses only products in full compliance with ecological regulations.

We offer a vast catalog of SignorBIO branded products made up of certified biodegradable tableware. All our services can also be used for the creation of own brands by exploiting our skills but creating customizations through private labels provided by our customers.

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Choose respect for the environment thanks to materials of vegetable origin processed in factories that certify the manufacturing processes. Creating biodegradable tableware means guaranteeing the product throughout its life, from creation to disposal. We are committed to guaranteeing and certifying the final product.

Choose non-polluting products obtained through dry mechanical processing, without adding external additives and adhesives. To guarantee 100% biodegradable tableware, we implement a precise control in the construction processes, making sure that the biological properties of the product are not compromised.

Choose the future by using biodegradable products that do not require disposal facilities to be eliminated. The main property of our biodegradable tableware lies in the use of natural materials to make them. Vegetable fibers and wood are materials that come from the soil and are perfectly compatible with the environment if dispersed in nature.

respect for the environment
biodegradable in nature
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Our strength lies in the proposal of 100% certified biodegradable tableware that does not forget the aesthetic factor. Who said that a sustainable product has to be ugly? We offer sustainable products with high aesthetic performance. We specialize in products for personal, industrial or institutional use that adapt perfectly to any situation and decorative style, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. We work with catering, restaurants, schools, public administrations, government bodies, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, picnics, weddings and anniversaries because celebrating without polluting makes the party even more beautiful.

Our biodegradable products comply with the European regulation CE n ° 1935/2004 and subsequent updates regarding materials in contact with food, Directive 94/62 / CE regarding the content of heavy metals. There is no use of substances subject to restrictions according to the Food Contact Material, the products comply with the UNI EN 13432: 2002 standard.

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