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SignorBIO Achieves Prestigious FSC® Certification

SignorBIO Achieves Prestigious FSC® Certification for Its Cardboard and Wooden Disposable Tableware, Promoting Responsible Forest Management
17 May, 2023
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Ristorando: "SignorBIO - the new trays for mass catering"

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20 Mar, 2023
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Ristorando: "Want to go green? Take a seat at the table with SignorBIO."

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13 Dec, 2022

Disposable compostable tableware: why choose them if you are a catering

Disposable wooden tableware is an excellent solution for catering, let's see in detail why
06 Jan, 2022
La bioplastica e davvero ecologica

Bioplastic: is it really ecological? What materials to prefer?

Although bioplastic seems to be a valid alternative to traditional plastic, let's find out why it is not entirely ecological and which completely sustainable materials to prefer.
07 Dec, 2021
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