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In recent years, sustainability has gained more and more importance also in the collective catering sector. In this context, our company has developed an innovative product: a square plate measuring 18x18 cm made entirely of sugarcane fiber. The sugarcane fiber plate differs from traditional polypropylene plates, as it represents a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

Our goal was to offer a valid sustainable alternative, without compromising the resistance and practicality required by the collective catering sector. The choice of sugarcane fiber as a raw material has brought about some technical challenges, such as resistance to impacts during transport and stresses due to plate stacking. In addition, the product had to withstand the high temperatures reached during the food portioning process and preserve its organoleptic properties.

Thanks to a careful design process and specific tests, we have achieved a high-quality product capable of satisfying the needs of catering professionals. The square sugarcane fiber plate is resistant and can be used with acidic or salty foods without undergoing alterations. Furthermore, our product is certified ok compost home, which means that it can be disposed of in household compost and contributes to reducing environmental impact.

As for the types of closures provided for our plate, we have considered several options to meet the needs of our customers. We offer the flexibility to choose between a polypropylene lid, compatible with all 18x18 plates on the market, and a sugarcane fiber lid, made with the same material as the plate, for those who want a completely sustainable solution. The plate can also be heat-sealed with all major commercial film materials, such as PE, PET, PET/PP, PLA, PBAT, PLA/PBAT, to ensure airtight closure and better food preservation.

Our product fits into a cultural context that is constantly evolving, in which consumers are increasingly attentive to the use of biodegradable and compostable products. Even companies operating in the collective catering, food service, commercial catering, horeca sectors, and so on, are seeking to use sustainable and biodegradable materials within their contracts.

Currently, we are working on phase 2 of this project, which involves developing a special version of this product range. The goal is to allow modified atmosphere heat-sealing, in order to increase the shelf life of products that will be placed inside the plate and, consequently, reduce waste. This is a very complex challenge, as no other company has ever succeeded in doing so successfully, using these specific materials. We are excited to be at the forefront of this field and to be able to offer our customers an innovative and sustainable product.

In conclusion, our square plate made of sugarcane fiber represents an innovative and sustainable solution, capable of combining the resistance and practicality required by the collective catering sector with the need to preserve the environment.

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