Bowls 18x18
Square bagasse bowls 18x18

Bagasse bowl 7.1x7.1in 17 oz

Bagasse bowl 7.1x7.1in 17 oz, height 28 mm, weight 20 g.
Available in packs of 125 pieces.

Units / pack Packs / box Boxes / pallet Pallet height Part number
125 4 48 2264 BBS001BIO125B
EAN 8055715783450

The product is entirely made of sugarcane fibre and is therefore totally biodegradable and compostable.

Logo biodegradable recyclable PAP21
SignorBIO - forno

Oven max 180°C
for 20 mins

SignorBIO - microonde

Microwave max 800W
for 4 mins

SignorBIO - freezer

Can be used in the freezer
-18° C for 10 days

SignorBIO - temperatura

Hot food
max 90°C

SignorBIO - utilizzo

for contact with food

SignorBIO - Green world