Disposable cutlery

SignorBIO is a company specializing in ecological tableware with a large range of sustainable disposable products.

The use of ecological materials represents a huge step forward for the protection of the environment and the precious resources of our planet. The raw materials that the earth offers, not being infinite, deserve particular attention during their use to preserve such quantities as not to compromise the ecological balance.

Disposable wrapped cutlery represents a great step forward in the home and professional catering sector.

Who said a table can't be elegant with disposable cutlery? Thanks to a particular care in the design, the disposable cutlery gives a touch of style even for apparently informal tables, adapting to more sophisticated places or situations. They are suitable for more formal catering, weddings, cocktail parties, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, birthdays of adults and children, in schools etc.

Hygiene is a fundamental aspect for certain places and professions, which is why this product is strongly recommended as it is sealed until it is used. Disposable wrapped cutlery is used in aseptic places such as hospitals where it is essential that there is no bacterial contamination for patients with particular pathologies.

The packaging factor guarantees extreme versatility of the product, which also goes well with dynamic outdoor use: lunch on a day at the beach, for example, to avoid contact with the sand, during a picnic in the mountains in which, once the meal is finished, you can eliminate unnecessary weights and clutter, or during a child's birthday party when you need practicality and speed of preparation and cleaning.

In fact, disposable cutlery, in addition to the ecological factor, offer fantastic ease of use. Once the meal is finished it will be sufficient to eliminate them, respecting the separate collection, without worrying about washing dirty dishes.

Our catalog offers a wide assortment of disposable cutlery wrapped and ready to use in different packs and quantities. We offer natural wood cutlery in single fork or single spoon packs for a total reduction in the waste of raw materials. Or packs with a fork and knife kit or, in addition, even a spoon for full meals of many courses. Each package can be ordered with paper or recycled plastic packaging and, inside, a handy paper napkin is inserted.

Biodegradable wrapped disposable cutlery represents the ultimate in eco-friendly tableware. Their disposal takes place through the discard of organic waste offering two main advantages:

SignorBIO has chosen affordable prices for its products in favor of the expansion of a sustainable lifestyle in full respect and prevention of the environment. Safeguarding the planet must also start with our small and simple daily actions which, if carried out by everyone, can make a difference for the future.

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