Biodegradable cups

Our product catalog also extends to biodegradable and compostable glasses made from sugar cane. The compostable feature makes the product able to decompose naturally in a very short time, turning into compost perfectly compatible with the characteristics of the earth, if dispersed in the environment.

Our biodegradable glasses are available in various sizes: from 60 and 100 ml cups, to standard cups in three versions that make them easy to transport.

Our cups are suitable for any use and are chosen by our customers for public or private events such as birthdays, confirmations, business meetings, catering, conventions etc. By choosing a biodegradable disposable product, in addition to contributing to respect for the environment, the disposal of all preparations for the concluded event is made easier and faster.

A product capable of being absorbed by nature quickly and easily is considered biodegradable. For example, biodegradable glasses in sugar cane, if abandoned in nature, decompose thanks to natural agents such as microorganisms and bacteria. Furthermore, through the decomposition process and the physical elimination of the product, the problem of waste and waste pollution in the environment is drastically reduced.

A product can also be defined as compostable when its decomposition process is faster than biodegradable and, in addition to dissolving in the environment, it has the ability to transform into compost capable of making a contribution to the earth that absorbs it.

The biodegradable and compostable characteristics of our products make them a valid substitute for plastic, one of the most polluting materials in the environment because, in fact, not absorbed by natural agents at all.

Our biodegradable glasses perfectly simulate the functional characteristics of plastic ones but, at the same time, eliminate the negative and polluting factors that characterize them.

Biodegradable cups made of sugar cane are perfectly compatible with hot drinks. Even in contact with very hot liquids, they retain their properties and are not deformed or melted by heat.

SignorBIO biodegradable glasses resist the heat of the traditional oven up to 180 degrees for ten minutes, or in the microwave for two minutes at 800 W. They can also be safely placed in the freezer up to -18 degrees to freeze the contents.

For the consumption of cold drinks, our product catalog offers paper straws to combine with our biodegradable cups. There is a choice of neutral colors such as white or beige or multicolor suitable for more informal occasions. The paper straws are designed to withstand even hot drinks up to 50 degrees which make this product extremely versatile.

To complete the offer, it is possible to order paper cups for sauces that are very light and practical to be used even in outdoor events. The paper thermo-perforating process makes the sauce cups capable of withstanding temperatures up to 120 degrees for the containment of more structured and complex sauces.

A biodegradable and compostable cup, in addition to its traditional waste disposal process, can be used to help save the planet. These products, in fact, can be used to create natural compost to be used in 240 ml, 250 ml and 350 ml, all equipped with a lid for agriculture and gardening at home, thus reducing the environmental impact created by the purchase of always new products.

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