Biodegradable dishes

SignorBIO is a company that makes respect for the environment its main mission. We specialize in eco-sustainable tableware obtained through the use of natural zero-impact materials.

We offer a line of biodegradable and fully compostable disposable dishes capable of transforming into compost for the soil thanks to the 100% eco-sustainable properties.

The issue of biodegradable disposable products as substitutes for traditional plastics is a topic increasingly at the center of personal habits and government decisions.

The main characteristics of our biodegradable dishes are represented by the fact that only biodegradable and / or compostable materials are used, such as sugar cane, wood and paper and are made through controlled and sustainable work processes.

SignorBIO biodegradable dishes are made with zero toxic impact because they come from processes that use renewable plant materials. It is always good to investigate the origin of biodegradable products because often behind a great promotion there are products that have little to do with sustainability. This is why we are committed to carefully selecting suppliers capable of certifying each production step by delivering a 100% sustainable product.

In our product catalog there are various types of biodegradable plates, different in shapes and materials used for the composition.
Starting from the use of natural wood, we offer square plates with sides in sizes 145, 215 and 250. We also offer rectangular shapes with smaller dimensions 145x195 or more generous 215x265. Finally, traditional round plates with a diameter of 215 are also available.

In place of natural wood, we offer a selection of round-shaped sugar cane fiber plates with diameters of 155, 180, 230 and 260 also with the possibility of internal subdivision for dishes in combination of bis or tris foods. For special needs of some types of food there is the double-sized oval shape, 200x260 and 250x320. The version of sugar cane fiber plates is also available in a 390ml, 400ml dessert base and 680ml pasta dish. Sugar cane fiber is also sold in a square version with side sizes 160, 200,260.

To complete SignorBIO's offer of biodegradable dishes there is a paper bowl for liquid or solid foods of various sizes, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1300 ml and relative protective covers for convenient transport.

The use of biodegradable and compostable dishes brings significant advantages at the time of their disposal. During the division of waste for separate collection, it must be borne in mind that the composition of these products has zero impact on the environment. The use of natural wood or sugar cane fiber allows for convenient disposal of the dish among organic waste.

The practical aspect of disposal cannot be excluded. As a material to be considered as organic, biodegradable dishes during their recycling do not need to be cleaned of food remains, making cleaning quick and convenient. For this reason, biodegradable dishes are widely used during events or parties with a high flow of people invited, for example birthdays, catering, ceremonies, corporate events, exhibitions etc.

For people with green fingers, who delight at home with small crops of plants, flowers or vegetable gardens for the production of food, the biodegradable plates in sugar cane fiber can become a great ecological ally. Being made entirely with natural materials, they can be disposed of in a small portion of land used for the production of compost. The compostable materials, in fact, thanks to their properties are able to transform into natural fertilizer to bring an improvement to the soil that welcomes it.

This aspect perfectly matches the sustainable theory of circular economy: a product made with earth materials, once used, can return to the place it came from, even making an improvement.