Biodegradable coffee cups

SignorBIO is a company committed to spreading a sustainable lifestyle in full respect of the environment, which is why it chooses to offer only sustainable and compostable products in its catalog, including biodegradable coffee glasses.

The meal ritual is an action closely linked to the customs and traditions of each nation, evoking specific smells and flavors. Coffee, one of the most consumed beverages in the world, is perhaps one of the most symbolic products shared by several nations.

In addition to espresso coffee, American coffee is also entering Italian culture. These two types of coffee require glasses of different shapes. Takeaway, especially in large cities, is an established and consolidated habit that is part of popular customs here too. The glasses used for take away are one of the many issues involved in the reduction of food-grade plastics. In fact, the traditional glass, to contain hot drinks, is coated with a plastic film that does not make it recyclable because it is difficult to separate from the cardboard.

SignorBIO offers a 100% ecological and sustainable alternative: coffee glasses made of biodegradable and compostable sugar cane for a practical and green take away. Our biodegradable coffee cups are available in different sizes: 240ml and 350ml both with lids for easy transport.

Our shot glasses are suitable for any use and are chosen by our customers for public or private events such as birthdays, confirmations, business meetings, catering, conventions etc. They are also recommended for coffee machines placed in public or private spaces such as offices, hospitals, schools or shopping centers. By choosing a biodegradable disposable product, in addition to contributing to respect for the environment, the disposal of all preparations for the concluded event is made easier and faster.

To complete the offer, among our products we offer natural wood coffee stirrers as an accessory to the coffee glass. This product is suitable for both home use and professional environments. Natural wood adapts well to high temperatures without altering its shape or affecting the flavor of the drinks.

Contrary to popular belief, biodegradable coffee cups and stirrers, in addition to the ecological aspect, respect the style and design of the product, making it versatile and easy to use even on formal occasions. Choosing sustainable and compostable products can be beneficial for communicating the principles and values ​​of a company in the eyes of customers and sensitizing their employees to a greener lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the spread of take away hides a negative aspect, in fact, a large amount of objects transported while walking leads to a considerable increase in waste abandoned in the environment. SignorBIO with its offer of biodegradable and compostable coffee glasses responds to the problem in a simple and effective way.

A biodegradable glass is also defined as compostable when its decomposition process is extremely rapid and, in addition to dissolving in the environment, it has the ability to transform into compost capable of making a contribution to the earth that absorbs it. A compostable product, in fact, once abandoned in the environment, disappears completely without leaving any residue within three months. This should not give an incentive to throw waste everywhere, but it can be a stimulus to encourage ecological habits.

People who practice agriculture can use compostable waste to produce natural fertilizer for use with plants and vegetables in the home.

Choose our biodegradable coffee glasses for your breaks!

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